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2011 Highlights

Fantastic 2011. A selection of last year's
articles in review

Artwork by Doug Aitken, New Horizon (2009)

Charlotte Jones Anderson - Fashioning a Modern Forum" May 2011

It seems that 2011 is finally taking its bows, but I couldn't let this year end without listing some of my favorite moments in the blog. In the Spring I tracked down our busy friend and client Nancy Corzine to talk about the impact of good design and the importance of listening. In May, my conversation with Charlotte Jones of Dallas Cowboys fame helped drive my little design blog to another level. The art in the the new Cowboys Stadium took our breath away, possibly as much as the structure itself! Then, the unveiling of the ultra-sleek Museum Tower Dallas dazzled us in September. This was a year of exceptional movement. What a sight to behold as Baltus contemporary and Summit Outdoor furniture arrived at our door! Theo and Opuzen fabrics rocked our textile department, and Jim Magni's Magni Home Collection added a line of lighting as he began work on an uber-fabulous project just outside of Aspen. Our year has been an incredibly busy one, but not busy with the typical. No amount of words can cover the emotion connected to what happened in our building and across the country for our brand over the past year. The story, though, can and should be told in images.


So, let's take one more look at 2011!


Nancy Corzine Is Listening, April 2011
Nancy's travels and energy amazed us this year. Who could pull off the formalities of attending a royal wedding in India, the running of a complicated shelter lifestyle brand and also opening the immediately lauded and prestigious Corzine Fine Art Gallery in West Hollywood? 
No one could, well, except for Ms. Corzine.


Elaine Honea's Les Antiques line of antiques inspired our first series. We had a wonderful time conceptualizing and working to create these photographs. Each vignette was a group effort. I have gotten enthusiastic feedback on the candles and the continuance of this series. Allan, Elaine and I agreed that this was our favorite group project of the year!
The gorgeous renderings of the Museum Tower Dallas upped the ante and led to greatly increased awareness of the the newest of our city's premier addresses. The excitement has indeed become palpable during the final stages of the press that will accompany the unveiling. We cannot wait to see the completed project. Congratulations to the whole Museum Tower organization! 

Baltus - Point of Departure, September 2011
Baltus, the contemporary line out of Spain, brought fresh clean lines and a fun edgy attitude with it as it slid in the door. What a fabulous mix of "right now" and "what's next." Lucky us.

Itinero ergo sum: I travel therefore I am. Sun Valley scratches that travel itch regardless of the time of year you or I may visit!

The iconic Sun Valley hay barn is located at the entrance of the resort. 


We discovered the true meaning of holiday design while deciding how to decorate with a life-size antique crèche.
*Hint: Dried artichokes are a must!

I of course covered many other designers and topics. To all not mentioned here, thank you from the bottom of my blogger heart. You inspire us.
My most sincere thanks for your support of my blog. It will move onto our new website platform when we re-launch the all new in January.  I can't wait to share it with you. See you all in 2012.
All my best,


*Thanks go to Nancy Corzine, Charlotte Jones, Paul Templeton-Holmes of Baltus, and Jack Sibbach of Sun Valley Resort! 

*Not all of my articles were mentioned here, but I appreciate all of the people, images and time that each client carved from their schedule to contribute to these columns this year.

*A special thank you to Allan Knight and Elaine Honea for the inspiration and continued support of the AKL Blog.


article by: Cearan Henley
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