May 29

Allan Knight Spring Textile Event



Allan Knight's first Annual Spring Textile event was a great success thanks to very active client support and the participation of owners Katie Leede and Lisa Fine. Overall, about 150 design friends, editors and supporters came through to meet Lisa, Katie and also Katherine Arntzen from Carolina Irving Textiles. Adding to the fun, caterer extraordinaire Douglas Brown provided the most spectacular of luncheons. The day was filled with a desire to learn the characteristics of and uses for these most trend-worthy textiles. We were also treated to a presentation of the newest patterns in all three lines. This is the year for living daringly with color, and I have to say, we are lucky to have these especially current and vibrant lines under the roof here at Allan Knight!

Please enjoy these images from the event!


Lisa Fine and Katie Leede

Top left to right: Katherin Arntzen and Margaux Annabouba / Barbara Daseki and Allan Knight

Bottom left to right: Liliana Patino, Mauricio Lobeira, and Martha Garcia / Josie McCarthy, Lisa Fine and Katie Leede 

Mary Ann Smiley and Emily Murphy 

Top left to right: Alma Ventura, Christina Garcia, Patricia Kiesewetter, Grayson Knight,

Priscilla Rodriguez and Chelsea Hargrove / Anastasia Ades

Bottom left to right: Allan Knight, Lisa Fine, Katies Leede and Cearan Henley / Amy Berry, Katherine Arntzen and Katie Leede

Left to right: Allan Knight, Miguel Flores-Vianna and Cearan Henley

Left to right: Julie Sessions, Lisa Fine, Katie Leede and Rebecca Sherman

Top left to right: Kerri Goldfarb and Ben Goldfarb / Teresa Lowry, Miguel Flores-Vianna and Liane Lane

Bottom left to right: Amy Steinheimer, Kendra White, and Katherine Arntzen / Katie Leede and Susan Smith



photography by: Tim Sharp for Allan Knight & Associates. All rights reserved.


article by: Cearan Henley


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