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Allen Kirsch - A Modern Perspective


 Project on Shorecrest Drive, Dallas. 


We move from place to place in our lives. Numerous times, we pack and label boxes, then watch as our possessions roll away towards a new home. At some point, we may come to rest in the perfect place. With any luck, a talented pair of hands will help us create an abode with comfortable zones which merge our collected items, conjure more space out of mere perspective and ultimately help to create a beautiful and livable home. Content to remain in his hometown of Dallas, Texas, designer Allen Kirsch possesses the helpful hands of which I speak. Allan and I recently enjoyed Mr. Kirsch's company over dinner and discussed Dallas, his projects, his history and the way he approaches his design aesthetic.


 Project on Waneta Drive, Dallas.


Much has been said of the way place can change us. Mr. Kirsch seems to like his spaces modern, with comfortable and textural overarching themes, which makes perfect sense as his is more an East Coast than a West Coast modern aesthetic. He describes his style as "clean, warm and serene. I love the style of New York particularly. I could walk for days and not get tired of what I see there." He has worked on several projects in Manhattan including an apartment on Lexington and another in Lincoln Center. He also has completed design projects in Westchester and Westport, Connecticut. When asked what would be his favorite thing about this period of his professional life, he responded, "I've done enough work and had enough experience that I don't have to try quite so hard to convince clients that I know what I'm doing."


 Project on Edmondson Avenue, Dallas.


Some may remember Mr. Kirsch's shop in Preston Plaza, originally named The Nettle Creek Shop but later changed to Allen Kirsch during its second year. He also had a Nettle Creek Shop in Ft. Worth. Although his retail projects captivated his attention for several years, his heart and career have belonged to residential design since 1985. There seems a sublime feeling of weightless drama to each room he and his team complete. I can see why the houses he has done are located in some of the more sought-after areas of Dallas: Greenway Park, Highland Park and Bluffview to name a few.


 Project on Clearlake Drive, Dallas.


His fondness for acrylic and several of our represented lines ensures that we will see him at the showroom from time to time. He is the one who does the footwork as well.


Although he has an accomplished, hardworking team, Allen can be found with textile memos in hand, working with clients in tow to select that particular missing element. His presence makes the same statement as his projects: A desired outcome can only be had through deliberate, careful focus.


Project on Haraby Court, Dallas.


The successful search for the perfect chair, ottoman or piece of art is nothing without a modern perpective of placement. And tasteful placement does so often rely on modern ideas that may involve trends. In this world of ours, trends come and indeed, they go. (Some can't go quickly enough!) But there are always the tenets of modern design to look up to. We may choose to embrace the simple, warm and clean elements of a classic modern aesthetic. And so the trends will fall away, most likely due to the deliberate and careful focus of professionals like Mr. Kirsch.


So, where in the world will Allen's next project be? There is no way to know.

Guess we will have to hide and watch!


Allen Kirsch

Owner: Allen Kirsch & Associates


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article by: Cearan Henley

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    Bravo... I love reading about the concepts and thoughts of such a talented designer.