Oct 05

Baltus - Point of Departure


Gemma sofa.

Nowhere is quality and stylish comfort more apparent than in contemporary furniture. Baltus, our newest offering in that genre, continues in that trend of quality, comfort and style. For those who have seen Baltus furniture in Miami, Chicago or Los Angeles, you know what to expect. Its approachable genius enthralls but then disappears in a cloud of sexy, deliberate restraint. We have never seen anything like it. Each contemporary line we encounter has a list of attributes that gives that line edge, and a point of difference. Baltus has that edge and their point of difference becomes a point of true departure.

The materials are the absolute best, and the finishes are superb, as if touched by the master's hand. When Allan and I went to LA in to view the collection and choose samples, we were very much struck with several of the chairs. The Lazo, shown above, is so fantastic I expect there to be an engine tucked under the seat. It looks like its ready to take off! This is one hot chair! As soon as we receive samples, they will of course go into the Modern Showroom. We are making room now and are in expectation of the finely tuned hot rods that are Baltus.


Carlotta coffee table, Caspio sofa, Roma chairs.


Chequia bookcases, Detroit sofa


Candela bookcase, Lyon desk,  Mansion chair.


3 X 1 Sofa, Beijing coffee table.



                                       Lazo chair.                            


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