May 06

"Cakewalk" Makes it Look Easy!

When Liz Dalton of Dalton Designs Inc. approached us several years ago about creating a one of a kind chandelier for a very special project, we went to work on it, never suspecting that the project we were involved in was part of Cakewalk, the largest yacht by volume ever produced... in the United States!

If we had been told this at the time, we could not have imagined the incredible end product. It was best for us the do our design work and leave the rest to the talented team at Dalton Design!

Well, flash forward 2.5 years and as Allan and I were returning from New York and were trapped at La Guardia, I was perusing a news stand when the word CAKEWALK! peeked above the rest of the magazines. I lifted it up because that is the coded sidemark we placed on all of the paperwork pertaining to this project. I opened up the magazine and there it was. The customized version of the "Adam" Stationary Chandelier!


 I was so excited that I ran out of the store without paying for the periodical!


Allan Knight "Adam Oversized, 
Stationary Chandelier" 


I did return to pay for the magazine, but not before showing it to an equally excited Allan. We had no idea where the chandelier was going. What an excellent surprise!
With much pleasure, I present some of the images from that article.

The Dining Room on Cakewalk



Just to go out and play for a day on Cakewalk.. even if it was moored in its parking place, would be a
once in a lifetime adventure. We can dream can't we?
And that name.. "Cakewalk".

"It's so easy to live this way"... it seems to say with a smirk.

And we really want to believe it.

Images courtesy of Boat International Media.
Thanks go to Liz Dalton for letting us be a part of this project.

Article by Cearan Henley for Allan Knight & Associates / Allan Knight Luxury Blog ~ live beautifully. All rights reserved.

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