Apr 25

Nancy Corzine is Listening...

Nancy's South Hampton House

I cannot explain it. Something in the air changes when Ms. Corzine
enters the room... 

Front entry of the House in South Hampton

I have carefully thought about this opening since I began planning this article. I finally know the truth behind Ms. Corzine's demeanor. She is the type of rare person that carries true prestige with her. Let me elaborate by drawing distinctions. People with money may not often have prestige and even some famous people don't have it. Nancy not only has it, she owns it, and she uses it to make sure her message is heard above the din. To someone like Nancy, it is very important that people listen... really listen. She is not necessarily impatient although she is usually in a hurry. She wants to make the best use of her time and yours. I learned that when I was a salesperson and Allan and I began seeing her on and off again in Los Angeles and also New York, over the years. I consider us friends now and I know she trusts me, because I was given some incredibly good images for this blog and also some face time in L.A. after West Week. That friendship comes at a price. The price tag is... to listen. And listen, I do.

The Royal Procession on Wedding Day

Nancy recently embarked on the journey of journeys. Her inherit sense of self and yes, that all important prestige, garnered her an invitation to attend the wedding of Crown Prince Shivraj and Princess Gayati in India.  Shivraj, who was educated at Eton and Oxford and was India’s poster boy in the polo circuit till five years ago, suffered a near-fatal accident during a match in 2005. Recovered from his injuries, the prince is now ready to marry and take a hand to his family's hotel operations. The marriage itself took place at the Umaid Bhawan palace in Johdpur. Nancy was a guest of the royal family during the proceedings.

A Royal Celebration in Johdpur, India

Celebrities such as Sting and other major dignitaries from the world over attended the events surrounding these most royal of nuptials. How does a gal  from Washington State become a style icon and design maven, courted by royalty from distant shores? She tells people what they need to hear. She gives them her ear and in return, they get hers. Put simply, she listens. The bride and groom were ensconced in the most vibrant of colors. The wedding party was dazzlingly decked out in the most lavish of traditional Indian dress. Not one detail was overlooked. Each and every flower or outfit had been thought about and approved weeks, even months before the big day."This was an honor for me. I was humbled and very, very happy to be included in the young Prince's wedding". 

Nancy at Home in South Hampton
from "Glamour at Home"

Nancy desires peace. Peace in her world and in her mind. She abhors disorder. Her need for consistency of message combined with good business sense runs so deep that I feel that she has evolved into a unique and powerful hybrid of business woman, designer, mother and friend. While visiting at her Hamptons residence two Christmases ago, she told Allan and I that design had become almost secondary to her as it was so ingrained in her. She revealed to us over dinner that she got more daily enjoyment growing Nancy Corzine, the company, than working on independent design jobs, although in retrospect, those jobs are what dictates the inspiration for the new items that will soon enter the unparalleled NC catalog. One cannot be disassociated from the other. The two are intrinsically strung together like her necklace of gigantic perfect pearls that she wore during West Week. "I have two more pearls to add to this strand when I feel like adding them". When she said this, I knew that the statement would go into this article. She always plans ahead, even with her jewelry.

Back Terrace Ready for Dinner Party from "Glamour at Home"

Nancy's work with the Alzheimer's Foundation to raise awareness and funds for specific research has garnered her "the" award. After 7 years of tireless work, she will be awarded the The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation’s Chairman’s Award at the annual award dinner set for April 28th 2011 at Sotheby's.
Nancy has served as the president of the ADDF's board of directors since 2005. This charity work is very dear to Ms. Corzine who lost her mother, Rita Johnson to Alzheimer's. She makes clear that the work she does, she does not only in the memory of her mother, but also so that maybe she can be a part of just one drug breakthrough that would cause relief for Alzheimer's sufferers and their families.
I have no doubt that she will do it. She seems to be able to do anything.
So we will wait to see what she does next. 

We will wait and... listen.

The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation’s 
Chairman’s Award
The ADDF Chairman’s Award honors individuals and organizations that work tirelessly
to promote awareness of the critical need to fund drug research for Alzheimer’s 
disease. This year, we are pleased to honor our President, Nancy Corzine, 
with the ADDF’s inaugural Chairman’s Award.
Ms. Corzine has served as President of the ADDF’s Board of Directors since 2005, 
providing enthusiastic support of, and constant guidance to, the Foundation in all of its
activities. We are deeply grateful for her long-standing commitment to our mission.

Thursday, April 28, 2011
6:30 pm
1334 York Avenue at 72nd Street
New York City
Black Tie
By Invitation Only 

Photographs courtesy of Nancy Corzine
Article by Cearan Henley


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