Mar 31

Opuzen = Opulent + Zen

Throw away your ideas of the kind of printing you may have 
seen in other industries. These new methods are 
space-age fabulous and tailored 
for luxury design.

Digitally printed custom art-fabric by Opuzen. Made expressly for
Vanity Nightclub at the Hard Rock Hotel, Las Vegas



Trimble Chair with digitally printed
Gerber Daisy Pattern on
Opusuede Fabric

Opuzen Design was launched in 1989 by owner Felecia French. An avid lover of any kind of textile, Felecia has been a client of Allan Knight since 2005 and like so many of the people in our industry, she lives her job. While at West Week in L.A., Allan and I had the opportunity to check out her newly remodeled studios on Venice Boulevard. I was prepared for our meeting to be held over dinner at a local restaurant, which seems to be standard operating procedure during design week, but always the entertainer, Felecia had us to the studio for pasta instead. She added a full kitchen during her remodel. We had a moment to look around while she prepared dinner and the change is indeed immense. 
"I live here during the week, so I want to be comfortable and that for me always means having a kitchen". 




            Digitally printed custom art-fabric by Opuzen. Made expressly for Boss Nightclub, San Francisco


The last time I was in the studio, I was actually able to help with some block printing on a project that they were doing. Anytime get the chance to get out of my comfort zone and jump into another's shoes in this business, I do it. I always learn something. What I learned was that hand printing is painstakingly slow and almost impossible for anyone attempting it who does not possess years of experience.

What I didn't know then, was that Felecia was thinking of going into serious digital print mode. The machinery for digital printing is expensive, so that is a barrier to entry, but because she saw what was coming, she invested early and became one of the pioneers of custom digital printing for the luxury residential and hospitality industries.

Now, just think for a second. What if the complicated pattern on your dress, or shirt, didn't have to be woven that way? What if the material could simply be printed with the desired pattern? Well, poetry happens.. that's what. And throw away your ideas of the kind of printing you may have seen in other industries. These new methods are space-age fabulous and tailored for luxury design. The perfection of the finished images seem almost 3-D. (Note the petals on the Trimble Chair's Gerber Daisy)!

"I love the digital printing process because it allows so much freedom of design", Felecia admits as she stirs the zucchini into the pasta. She pours more fresh squeezed lemonade into my glass and then finishes the pasta, adding a load of fresh grated Parmesan on top. "I love it for its simplicity".
The images of her installations of her gorgeous artwork in all it's digital perfection, are a joy to behold. "The Hard Rock Hotel needed art for their nightclub, but they didn't want to spend a fortune. This is a very money conscious way to get a ton of bang for the client's buck"! 

We ate our small meal in her studio and toasted our lemonade for a quick and complete economic recovery... for us all.

Our food that night was simple and delicious. I think that I can say the same about her 
digital printing. 

Simple and delicious!

Trimble Chair


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