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Robyn Menter - Artistic Collaborations


To me, the most obvious mark of a good designer is return clientele. When I hear that a designer is working on the third or fourth residence for a family, my ears prick up. The ability to navigate trends, attitudes, and the daily and weekly grind of budgetary constraints, matters of taste, style and materials and that ever-looming installation date gives me great respect for the professional designer who makes all of that materialize in a single presentation. Styles and trends may change, but the universal truths of design when used by a seasoned professional yield an outcome that can move us or stop us in our tracks.


Robyn Menter's projects have had that effect on me more than once. Restraint applied delicately upon the most impactful interior spaces is what makes me a fan. I wondered for two months how I would write this article... How would I avoid the over-the-top style to which I am usually given? How do I remain passive and produce an article that is as "edited" as Ms. Menter expects her projects to be? I finally decided to let it all go. I can't help my tone or the praise that will follow, as it has most definitely been earned. Robyn is a master of design, and it shows in her ability to bend and flex to match her clients' tastes and her own inner guide. This is a talent that most hope for and which she achieves regularly.


With projects that have taken her all over the country, her love of design and art make each endeavor a progression. In our interview, I learned that even after the end of a project, she continues in the life of her clients as a curator of sorts. The art she and her husband Martin Posner help to find and place, the actual project that she wills into being – these are very natural roles for the two, acting in tandem as custodians of art and style for her clients.

Although Ms. Menter's own aesthetic preference usually levels off at contemporary, the tone of each project differs. The mood may also change radically from one room to another within a home she is working on while retaining cohesion in tone throughout. This is another enviable facet that I have come to expect from her and the team at Robyn Menter Associates.


During our conversation, Robyn and I talked at length about the importance of travel. During one group trip packed with architectural sightseeing, Robyn recalled that she finally confessed to her companions, "I cannot go into one more church!" This moment of hilarity during our talk gave me insight into her as a traveling art aficionado -- one among those who love to learn. Traveling is a means to an end to her and her husband. The more travel, the more immersion in other cultures, the better the understanding of the complication of human lives that may complement or distract from the final purpose of the design blueprint.


A life that circles around the possibilities of an artful purpose seems to be Robyn’s path. The winning strategy, as she sees it, hinges on a well-defined destination. Along those lines, she is adamant about what is necessary for a rewarding venture. "I only take on projects where I am sure I will be able to work successfully with the client." One such current enterprise is one in which the wife will not see anything until the project is finished! "She will be completely surprised by everything," Robyn said. Such is the trust of a successful working relationship.


As a current project in Steamboat Springs wraps up, another begins anew in Dallas. The plans will be made, and the art must be found. Along the way, friends will be found as well, much like Allan was some 13 years ago. "You know, I was one of Allan's first clients," she said to me with characteristic raised eyebrow.

I love that statement. She meant it as a casual remark to apply a timeline to their friendship, but I see it more as a very simple and enduring compliment.



Photography courtesy of Robyn Menter Associates. All rights reserved.


article by: Cearan Henley


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  • Cearan Henley said:

    Hello all, Thank you for the kind words. Kamilla, let me know if the company I referred you to still produces the chairs! Cearan

  • Russ Cohen She's a designing genius said:

    Robyn has a passion and understanding of design and is reflected in her amazing results

  • Kamilla Eliezer said:

    Where can I find these beautiful woven chairs (in the very first photo)?

  • Thomas Fuchs said:

    Beautiful sentiment of beautiful work.