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Sally Sirkin Lewis is J. Robert Scott


In recent months I have come to realize how many interesting people Allan and I have worked with whose businesses have been the subject of articles and blogs for our company. It has been my sincere pleasure to document better our relationships with designers and their projects and the lines they have created as manufacturers. No other is quite like the designer and manufacturer who is the subject of this article. J. Robert Scott and its creator Sally Sirkin Lewis can be called many things: visionary, groundbreaking, uncompromising. Among her range of palettes, the neutrals that we love so well can be traced back to her original line of furniture, finishes and textiles.


I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation I had with Ms. Lewis about the early days of her design business and showroom in West Hollywood. “When I started my showroom, there were only a few other showrooms. Kneedler Fauchère and Pace Collection had their own spaces. We were a rep showroom when we first opened; I carried lines from the Pace Collection, Thomas Britt, and Karl Springer. Thomas had this amazing line of tortoise shell and also horn furniture. At that time, I was very involved with African and American Indian art, so putting all of that together created a very special look.”


I can only imagine that with the stainless steel, leather and suede and incredible art, the displays must have been seen as completely out of the box. “We would show up for work in the morning, and there would be nose- and handprints on the windows from people peering in at night. I think that what we were doing was a real shock to the system. We had so much fun doing it!" 

Having a winning formula from the very beginning allowed Sally to wade into furniture production and the creation of a completely unique textile line. “My whole textile collection was in response to these hard, Herculean, upholstery-weight fabrics of the 60s, ’70s and ’80s. The fashionable way that fabric molds onto the arm of a chair captivates me. I develop textiles that I hope people will want to spend their lives in.”


When asked why she had focused on neutrals, her response was surprisingly simple. She admitted that the creation of a line dependent on neutrals had sprung from a very pragmatic sensibility. “I love color; but because I live so much with art, I began to see the benefit of neutral color palettes as well. I realized that I need a serene retreat. I can better recharge for the next day surrounded by a more quiet color palette. So, I imagined that would be true for my clients as well.”


Sally talked at length about her finish concept called Ombré. First available in the textile line, the Ombré “look” is now available as a special finish treatment for wood. The variations in tones and blending of lights and darks truly brings out the beauty of the material. I can attest to the brilliance of this finish process because we now have several of the wall panels installed at Allan Knight. The colors and metallic finishes are so rich, the wood seems almost translucent. "It took two years to perfect the technique. We are now working in colors we have never worked with before, green and ice blue… And why not?"

Why not, indeed? The future is bright for J.Robert Scott. And, with the guidance of CEO Richard Chilcott, launches of new fabric lines are on the horizon and many new pieces are in the works. I guess it is just a matter of time before her fans are surprised again, and again… and again.


J.Robert Scott is now available through Allan Knight and Associates in Dallas, Texas.


Photography courtesy of J.Robert Scott. All rights reserved.


article by: Cearan Henley


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