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Sara Wise Intentions

Cyclo Table

Blackened Steel in Graphite Finish and Rift White Oak in Ash Finish

Before you look at the rest of these images, stop and think of nature… pure and unrefined, chaotic and robust… nature as our friend and as our indomitable foe. Now, take that vision of nature and place it in your dining room, now in your den. The vision that I have just helped construct in your mind is the one that Sara Wise, furniture designer and manufacturer, has determined to create in her line. Sara's affinity for intersecting materials goes hand in hand with the architecture of her often one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture.

Now go ahead and take a look at the rest of the images.


Merge Table

Double-Base Configuration with Book-Matched Clara Walnut Slabs and Mill Angle Steel Bases in Carbon Finish


I spoke with Sara while installing her line in the Dallas showroom and found that she is much more than a designer of furniture. Fascinated by advances in cellular research, she pursued a molecular biology degree during her early undergraduate years at the University of Michigan. Although her mind yearned for research in the infinitesimally small, her heart and soul needed to grow and embrace a new field of study. She finished with a degree in History of Art, which allowed her to indulge her more creative impulses.


A master’s degree in architecture earned at the University of Washington prepared her for a career that included travel across Europe and culminated in a thesis focused on an extensive historic rehabilitation project in war-torn Bosnia. In those years, her mind was aroused by a new interest; the form and function of scale furniture design began to beckon. Her answer to this call is evident in her new line of furnishings, Sara Wise Design.


Hourglass Bench

Quarter-Sawn Wenge and Smooth Bar in Carbon Finish


With tolerances down to the micro millimeter, each piece of metal belies its strength. Amazingly thin pieces of steel support giant slabs of wood. Out of this ensemble of natural materials, a thing of beauty has been created. For anyone viewing these works first hand and for the first time, the only response is respectful silence. Sara is very humble about her experience and her art.


Martini Side Table

Shown as the "Dirty Martini" in Blackened Steel and Carbon Finish and Honed Limestone


Notions of gender roles surely fly out the window when this petite lady dons her welding attire and goes to work. "I like encouraging people to question their preconceived notions of who they are and what they perceive their role to be." Her comment led us into a conversation about metalworking and how the medium itself was shaped by the magic of its own history. "Blacksmiths were seen as powerful in many ways," I said, to which my friend responded, smiling, "I guess I like pushing the limits."


Manhattan Coffee Table

Molten Nickel Finish and Quarter Sawn Claro Walnut


During our talk, Sara let me in on a small family joke that is more of a truism about her and her husband. Hers is the best relationship quote I have ever had the pleasure of including in an article. Mr. Peter Lumbert, Sara's husband, on Sara: "Sara is the woman I've always dreamed of and the man I'll never be." We are all indeed the sum of our parts; and those parts… be they a partner, an education, a child... make us who we are, with the result that our learning translates to much more than a degree or a title. Sara is aware of that fact; and thus it seems she has arrived, with precise and engineered movements, in her own particular element.


Intersect Shelves

Sandblast Plate in Carbon Finish and Smooth Bar in Natural Finish


As we finished talking, she asked, "Did you know that the Coliseum in Rome was held together with bronze pins?" I admitted that I did not. "Yes," she went on, "they were put there to stabilize the stones. But when Rome was in decline, the citizens removed many of the pins to sell or melt down. So, the Coliseum would likely stand much more complete and would have better endured the test of time and earthquakes had the original design been left alone."


Hmmm. Leave it to a Architect-Designer-Blacksmith to know that.



Photography courtesy of Sara Wise Design. All rights reserved.



article by: Cearan Henley



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  • Sara Wise said:

    Thanks for the wonderful post! We couldn't be more thrilled to be joining the showroom!

  • jennifer clark said:

    I would really like to get catalogs on all of your attached vendors. If that isn't possible I would love to get access to your websites. Can you give me login and pass codes to do so? Thanks, Jennifer Clark Interior Designer The Decorators Unlimited Palm Beach Gardens, Fl

  • Sara Wise said:

    Thanks for the fabulous blog post about the collection Cearan! We couldn't be more thrilled to be joining the Allan Knight and Associates showroom! It's an honor to be displayed in such a beautiful space amidst the other spectacular collections. I cannot wait to send you some additional new pieces for the floor!

  • Keith May said:

    What a wonderful addition to the showroom! This collection is beautiful; and, I'm even more intrigued by Sara's designs after reading about her extensive background in molecular biology, art history and architecture. I'm impressed! Great blog, Cearan!

  • Marlene Martinez said:

    Sara Wise Furniture is eco friendly - which makes it even more FABULOUS!

  • Bree Davis said:

    What a great addition to the Allan Knight Showroom! Sara Wise has done an outstanding job designing her furniture line. I especially love the Merge Dining Table!

  • John Corso said:

    Sara Wise ....... beautiful, architectural & sleek..... is the only way to describe just how beautiful this line is in person! LOVE IT!