Oct 16

Soane Britain Jumps the Pond





Turkish Blossom - 100% linen


What makes a house a home? So many things in my daily existence make me comfortable in my abode:  the lighting, the furniture and each collected item or book that makes its way into a closely guarded panoply of exotic or mundane items. I wonder how I ever got along without that chair or lamp when it has been installed in its new home. These are the threads of our lives.


Last week, we were visited by Lulu Lytle. The owner and co-founder of Soane Britain, she came over to see some clients and give small talks about her exquisite line of textiles which we are very proud to represent. Ms. Lytle is the kind of designer who knows how to create the threads that make a house into a home.


Curtain Fabric: Exotic Tree - 100% linen


Within the Soane fabric line,  each interesting pattern is presented in amazingly smart and stylish colors. Primarily, Lulu opts to print on cotton poplin, wool, silk, Irish linen and linen lawn, which is the best linen in the world. "Each pattern is derived from an unusual original textile which I have found somewhere, maybe a Greek 18th-century embroidery, a boldly scaled 19th-century curtain from Chatsworth House or a native African block print from the 1950s. Nothing is out of bounds! I am an incurable hoarder and love to reinterpret wonderful old fabrics in a way that makes them usable and atmospheric today,” Lulu said of her collection.

Paisley Stripe - 100% linen


About Soane: All Soane fabrics are made in the UK. The printed fabrics are created entirely by hand in an old Victorian mill with no machinery or automation involved whatsoever, while the woven fabrics combine hand-weaving traditions with the very latest in automoted weaving techniques. Each of the designs have been imagined by Soane's co-founder Lulu Lytle, who has taken inspiration from her expansive collection of antique fabrics and textiles. Compiled during her years of travel to markets and auctions, the ideas for Lulu's collections have been influenced by everything from Indian palampores and Eastern weaves to European damasks and African prints. The new prints and weaves have been designed to complement the first collection that launched last year.


Mooonback Chair:  Old Flax - 100% linen  / Curtains: Seaweed Lace - 100% linen


Lulu and stateside National Sales Manager Mathew Pober came in for our small meet and greet. As expected, she did not fail to enthrall our guests with her charm and knowledge. One look at the flat that she and husband Charlie share with their three children (the apartment was  published in The World of Interiors Magazine / July 2011), and you can tell that she lives the style that she purveys, every day. She has her finger on the pulse of the hip version of English traditional; that has been the story since her start with founding partner Christopher Hodsoll, noted designer and antiques dealer. The company, begun around the idea of perfectly suited antiques, has evolved into a complete outfitting of antiques, reproductions, fabrics and accessories.


Damascus Stripe - silk and cotton weave


Since entering the realm of fabric, Lulu and company have set their standards and goals extremely high. From the wonderful starting point that we see, they are decidedly hitting their mark!


The only way to experience the line is to see it in person. But if you are not planning a jaunt to London soon, please accept our invitation to swing by Allan Knight and see the whole collection.



Images courtesy of Soane Britain



article by: Cearan Henley



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