Jul 06

Theo Throws Us a Curve


~Andrew Frumovitz, the owner and designer behind Theo Fabrics and it's new furniture line is shaking things up...

We saw the images of his new pieces in L.A. during West Week and we are set to receive the first sampling of furniture in Dallas, mid-July. His fabric lines opened to rave reviews in and around Texas, earlier this year, so we have very high hopes for the sleek and streamlined elegance of his new furniture pieces.


Mixing materials seems to be the main point of departure for Theo. Bronze mixes with Zebrawood as easily as his textiles make their way up the back of his exquisitely tailored dining chairs. Andrew's take is completely fresh. The silhouettes can be sexy with curves when necessary or alive with a strong masculine sensibility, but nothing finds its way into his repertoire that is trite or at crossed purposes.

~What inspires Mr. Frumovitz?

His inspiration comes from years of experience in high end design. That, and the subtle and elegant hand, seems to have done the heavy lifting while his elevated sense of style informed and controlled its evolution. What we are left with is a stunning vision of where manufacturing is heading. "My outlook and philosophy is to incorporate the taste, warmth and joy of my clients. They are letting my pieces become the backdrop of their lives. This is something I don't take lightly"!

 The textile line's success necessitated a move into furniture, which is so often the case. Even so, the question must be asked...

~Which comes first, the chicken or the egg? 

Because of natural evolution, the fabric preceeded the furniture, but that doesn't mean the furniture wasn't percolating for years. Theo Fabrics was launched in 2009, which was followed fairly quickly by Theo Furniture. The two share the same identical purpose: to allow a subtle and complimentary configuration of line, form and style combined with personal comfort.

I don't know about the reader,
but I happen to like both chicken and eggs. 

~And it doesn't matter to me which came first!


Please contact http://theofabrics.com/ for more information on Theo Fabrics and Furniture

article by: Cearan Henley

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