Aug 19

Travel Series Vol. II "Santa Fe Surreal "

If for some, the experience of artful shopping is a spiritual practice, then the most elevated form of Zen happens in Santa Fe. Many vendors of primitive and rare antiquities have come to light in this city. Knowing this, we decided to brave the crowds to immerse ourselves in the antique shows that go on in mid- to late August. One of these is the Antique Ethnographics Art Show. The cultural offerings at this professional gathering could give the casual observer a severe case of whiplash, such is the diversity of the items. The shops of Canyon Road are destinations unto themselves. There I found many artists whose art I had never seen before. That is the fun of Santa Fe. Discovery lies around every corner.
Because all that shimmers, may not be gold leaf,  it pays to have your designer or art expert in tow! The purchase of antiquities is a complex task and is not for the timid. The following are several of my favorite items from the trip. For some reason, they caught my eye... just as good art should!

Double Dragon Monk's Door, vertical view,

Tibetan, Circa 1850s, polychrome on fabric mounted on wood. 

Courtesy of: Pretemporary Art. Norberto Zamudio


Cuzco Spanish Colonial-Peruvian Painting, 18th century,

by express permission of R.L.Lennen.


Undergarment for an official's jacket, China, 19th century, bamboo with

 cotton trim and silk ties Courtesy ofJoe Loux Asian and Tribal Art


Long "Bei" Dragon Blanket, Li Ethnic Group, Hainan Island,

Southern China, 19th century.

Joe Loux. Asian and Tribal Art

"Cortona" by Mallory Lake.

Courtesy of Martha Keats Gallery.

Mast Boom Holder. partial view, Mudura Island, Indonesia, early 20th century,

teak and polychrome. Courtesy of James Barker Asian Art and Design


What a pleasure to be in Santa Fe in August. It was a welcome and artful treat! 

Article by: Cearan Henley

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