Feb 16

Our all time favorites!

Allan and I looking vice-less
in Napa...

This morning on my way to the gym, I actually became angry as I packed my gym bag. Starting with my outfit, there are at least 8 crucial things to remember from black dress loafers to my favorite black belt. I carefully packed these things and took a final look into my grooming bag that travels around in my gym bag. I drag my bottle of Hermes, Bel Ami cologne back and forth, so I had to make sure it is in said grooming bag. I have an electric razor that must remain charged, so that also goes back and forth. Arrrggh! 
Casual observers at my gym take a look at the seemingly infinite number of things coming out of my bag. I don't care because I have made up my mind that very little is good looking by accident, so I go through my regimen and take account of the things that I have packed that I can't seem to do without. The first of which was the belt that did not make it into the bag this morning.

I went home for it.

So, I decided to compile a list of the things that Allan and I cannot live without. These are the products, furnishings or necessities that make life not only bearable, but that also have the ability to transform the mundane into the pleasurable... Enjoy!

1. La Mer Cream (Both of us)
Creme de la Mer

This magic face lotion is the best toiletry we own. A little dab lasts all day and it actually causes a physical difference in the look of skin.

2. Black Prada Buckle Loafers (Both of us)

Prada Buckle Loafers
Can't do without them. They work with everything, wear like iron and feel like house shoes.


3. L'Occitane Juniper Cream Aftershave (Me)
L'Occitane Juniper Cade Shaving Balm

It cools, smooths and moisturizes skin. A post shave necessity.

4. John Hardy Silver -Face Chronograph with 
Black Leather Wristband 


John Hardy Bracelet under construction

 We both have one. They work with jeans or easily dress up.


5. Falke designated left/right black socks 


Falke Socks
Both of us... although getting the left sock with the left and right one with the right is a must on laundry day to keep confusion to a minimum at 6:00AM.

6. Lululemon Athletica workout gear (Both of us)

Lululemon Athletica

This line of workout clothes is the best thing I own. It's light, it breathes.. it's fashionable and it fits. The end.

7. 'Aqua di Parma Shaving Cream in the jar (Me)
Aqua di Parma Shave Cream

Iused to have such a hard time shaving. No more. This thick cream works up into the thickest of lathers and moisturizes at the same time. It costs about $65 at Neiman Marcus but it lasts (if you're careful) for about 6 months.


8. Theory Brand anything (Me)


This is my clothes brand of choice. I have 3 Theory jackets and other assorted pants, dress shirts and sweaters.. not because I was trying, but because they just fit. This French Brand is also made to last. My blue Theory blazer is my suit of armor, equally appropriate when on presentations or out for client dinners.

9. A Persian cat. (Both of us)


We love our Tabby, but he's really a loner, and he wouldn't mind what I am going to say next. We love our Persians (Boudreaux and Sweet Pea) because they are like little kids. They need us and that feels really good at the end of a long business day.

10. Sun Valley Idaho (Both of us)

Not everyone likes to ski, but there is nothing like getting a birds eye view of the Sawtooth Mountain range in the middle of winter. We love the look, the feel, and charm of the first ski resort ever built in the West.
Brainchild of William Averell Harriman, heir of the Union Pacific railroad fortune, the resort was concepted to get customers traveling from the East Coast to the West with a stop in the middle for recreation. Equally beautiful in both Summer and Winter, we have been avid fans since our first visit in 2005.

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