Allan M. Knight

Allan M. Knight

President and Co-Owner

Allan Knight has spent much of his career in the public eye. Mr. Knight was an independent design consultant even before earning his degree in architecture from the University of Texas. He was co-owner of Merritt-Emanuel / Innovators, a groundbreaking acrylic furniture manufacturing venue, and has been involved heavily in design for over 35 years.

Mr. Knight’s goal has always been to create and inspire through unique design. Noteworthy excellence marks the cornerstone of his projects. Decidedly settled in Dallas, Mr. Knight partnered with Ben Goldfarb. The Goldfarb family’s business in acrylic furniture manufacturing was an ideal fit for their joint need for creative output. As with all of these partners’ ventures, the goal is to consistently produce the absolute best designs.

Allan Knight, the showroom and brand, was founded in 1999 and became an immediate source for specialty acrylic, lighting, accessories, and antiques. Designed to appeal to the high-end carriage trade, the business was instantly a viable competitor in the Dallas market. Mr. Knight’s combination of artfully presented antiques has also become a staple of his multi-tier collection.

Allan Knight resides in Dallas with his life partner Cearan Henley.

Mr. Knight’s current role is:
President and Co-Owner, Allan Knight and Associates