Ben Goldfarb

Ben Goldfarb

CEO and Co-Owner

Ben Goldfarb is one of the two founding members of the Allan Knight and Associates Dallas showroom featuring high-end luxury furnishings. Mr. Goldfarb had been heavily involved with his family in the industry of acrylic furniture and retail store fixture fabrication when he collaborated with Mr. Knight in 1999 to conceptualize and found Allan Knight and Associates.

Mr. Goldfarb is also the owner and Chief Executive Officer of Creations Global Retail (“CGR”). Founded in 1963 by his father, M. B. Goldfarb, CGR is a global leader in the design, manufacture and installation of Retail Merchandising Units and Kiosks for Shopping Center Malls, Lifestyle Centers and Airports.

The focus and drive of Allan Knight and Associates comes from the energy of both partners. Ben’s business skill and sense of timing combined with Allan’s superb taste and innate knowledge of “what’s coming next” have co-created a world-class, luxury-design destination and brand. Since 1999, the Allan Knight line of furnishings has become a fully developed and highly desirable line with many avid followers. A variety of luxury goods is represented by high-end trade showrooms and is available in every major market in the United States and also in Canada.

Mr. Goldfarb holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Texas at Austin, has four grown children and resides in Dallas with his wife Elaine.

Mr. Goldfarb’s current roles are:
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Owner, Allan Knight and Associates
Owner and Chief Executive Officer, Creations Global Retail